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Author Topic: God of War I - Necklace of Aphrodite / Traps of Madness  (Read 28667 times)
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« on: February 16, 2010, 09:35:09 PM »

Getting the necklace of Aphrodite proves a challenge.  First it may not be clear, but after getting the necklace of Hera and placing it on the entrance statue you go back through the cave with the Minotaur's head - the one one with the rotating wooden bridge.  On the other side you'll find the rope you saw in the cutscene after pulling the lever on the cliffs of madness.

Back to Aphrodite.  The Traps of Madness can be truly maddening.  Basically you enter the room and pull the lever - you now have to get the block to the other side of the chamber, climb up on it and jump up to the ledge before the deadly spikes shoot up through the ground.

Sounds easy enough but the timing is really tight, made even more difficult by a change of camera view once you get the block to the other side.  I found that it's best to resist the temptation to kick the block.  It takes too much time to change your position on the block and charge up the kick.

Instead, grab the block and pull it out of it's spot, then just drag it (Kratos walking backwards) kind of back and sideways towards the other side of the room. Go down the alley dragging the block sideways. (This is where the camera angle changes - but it's easier when you can still hold the block vs. running to another side).  Now once you've cleared the wall charge up a kick to shove it beneath the ledge and then quickly jump on it and double jump up to the ledge.  With any luck the crate will be getting crushed beneath you as you climb to safety.

After that, get your phoenix feather and jump to the vines across the way and climb up.
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