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Afrika Mission Guide - Appendix
Submitted By: spaceboy Date: January 10, 2010, 08:45:15 PM Views: 8900


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Animal Checklist/Field Guide
This is what your Field guide should look like. Iíve included the area where the animal appears, in case you have trouble finding any. Thanks to Deirhese for the screencaps in this section.

1. Plains Zebra: Duma Steppe, Kiwanja Plain
2. Thomsonís Gazelle: Duma Steppe
3. Eland: Kiwanja Plain
4. African Buffalo: Kiboko Swamp, Lake Heroe
5. Impala: Kiboko Swamp
6. Wildebeest: Kiwanja Plain

1. Topi: Duma Steppe
2. Bushbuck: Lake Heroe
3. Hartebeest: Choroa Gorge
4. Oryx: Choroa Gorge
5. Dik-Dik: Lake Heroe
6. Gerenuk: Choroa Gorge
7. Bongo: Lake Heroe

1. African Elephant: Kiboko Swamp, Kiwanja Plain
2. Masai Giraffe: Duma Steppe, Choroa Gorge
3. Reticulated Giraffe: Kiwanja Plain
4. Okapi: Lake Heroe

1. Hippopotamus: Duma Steppe, Kiboko Swamp, Lake Heroe
2. Pygmy Hippopotamus: Kiboko Swamp
3. White Rhinoceros: Duma Steppe
4. Black Rhinoceros: Lake Heroe

1. African Lion: Kiwanja Plain, Kiboko Swamp
2. Spotted Hyena: Duma Steppe
3. Black-backed Jackal: Duma Steppe
4. African Wild Dog: Choroa Gorge
5. Bat-Eared Fox: Lake Heroe (night)

1. Cheetah: Duma Steppe
2. King Cheetah: Choroa Gorge
3. Leopard: Lake Heroe
4. Black Leopard: Duma Steppe

1. Warthog: Kiwanja Plain, Duma Steppe
2. Aardvark: Choroa Gorge (night)
3. Temminckís Pangolin: Kiwanja Plain (night)
4. Porcupine: Duma Steppe (night)
5. Ratel: Kiboko Swamp (night)
6. Meerkat: Choroa Gorge
7. Hyrax: Lake Heroe
8. Olive Baboon: Lake Heroe, Kiboko Swamp
9. Vervet Monkey: Duma Steppe

1. Ostritch: Choroa Gorge, Kiwanja Plain
2. Lesser Flamingo: Lake Heroe
3. Helmeted Guineafowl: Lake Heroe
4. Cattle Egret: Kiboko Swamp
5. Super Starling: Duma Steppe
6. Pelican: Kiboko Swamp
7. Red-Billed Oxpecker: Lake Heroe

1. Lappet-Faced Vulture: Duma Steppe
2. Ruppellís Vulture: Choroa Gorge
3. Marabou Stork: Lake Heroe, Duma Steppe, Kiwanja Plain
4. Kori Bustard: Kiwanja Plain
5. Secretary Bird: Duma Steppe
6. Black Crowned Crane: Kiboko Swamp

1. Nile Crocodile: Kiwanja Plain
2. Leopard Tortoise: Choroa Gorge
3. Rainbow Agama: Choroa Gorge, Lake Heroe
4. Jacksonís Chameleon: Lake Heroe
5. Scarab: Kiwanja Plain
6. Tsetse Fly: Duma Steppe

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